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ATS, How do they filter job applications?

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What is Application Tracking System (ATS)?

ATS is an application software that is used by hiring managers, to filter through hundred if not thousands of CVs’ to determine which ones are most suitable for a position they are seeking to fill. Unlike human, ATS are robots, which check for certain keywords in your CV to determine the strength of your CV or rather how relevant you are, to a specific job.

Hiring managers that use ATS, usually define certain conditions to be meant for the CV to be approved for further review by human. The criteria used will be in category of education, skills, experience and even based on specific certification.

For instance, a company may be seeking a finance manager. In the ATS, they will define the following condition: -

  • Education: master’s in Finance
  • Certification: Certified Public Accountant
  • Skills: Budgeting, Credit control, cost control
  • Experience: over 5 years.

Any one who will apply for such a job, their CV will be scanned to see if it meets the set conditions, then the applications is ranked from best to worst.

Why do companies use ATS?

With current high un employment rate, companies receive thousands of job application each day. Going though all these applications will be impossible for such companies.

ATS on the other hand, filter all the applications and rank those applications based on relevant merit to the job applied for. Therefore, the hiring managers will only go through the top ranked applicants when choosing who to invite for an interview, this in turn speed up the hiring process

What do I need to do to pass ATS Robots?
  • The first thing you need to do is go through the job advertised, see the requirements, and see if you are genuinely qualified before appling.
  • The next thing is to take a pen and a paper and look in the description for valuable keywords which they have emphasize by using words like “MUST”, note all these keywords.
  • Write your cover letter and CV based on those keywords.

If you note in the description that there have written, that you MUST have a master’s in finance, and you only have a Degree in Finance, the best option is to move on with other job advert which match your educations, skills and experience.

CV or Resume Format

While writing your CV make sure you write using normal fonts like Times new roman, aria etc. ATS will not recognize fancy fonts and will block for such reason. It is good to note that ATS will read word format better than PDF format.

Good Luck!

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