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How to follow up after CV submission

Common Interview Questions

One of the most desired skills is the skill of following up. In almost all job task, you have to follow-up to check whether a certain task was completed if you are a supervisor, you have to follow whether the memo has reached all the intended people if you are a secretary, you have to follow whether the payment are made to the suppliers if you are a finance manager. Following up is basically the most useful aspect of any jobs.

Why do people who apply for job fail to follow up on their applications?

This is mostly caused by the big misunderstanding of the assumptions that you will appear as if you are too desperate for a job. Actually you won’t look desperate to the employer; you will actually stand out as a person who gets things done.


If the job applications does not avail you with telephone number, postal address or email or rather state that you are not to contact them regarding your job application enquiry, kindly do obey the instruction.

How to follow up

If done in a courteous and professional way, it works very well in favor of the applicant. The most suitable and official way of following up is through email. Email will provide the employers with trail of the conversation, and will allow the employer to have time to read through your email and refer to your previous job application on their own time. Calling is not the best way due to the fact that, there is no point of reference, i.e. you will have to explain who you are and the employer in most cases will not remember you since there are other applicant as well.

What do I say in the email?

Just like any other official email, the email should have the four important parts.

1. Subject
2. Introduction
3. Body
4. Closing

The subject should be clear and direct, it should state the job position and your names.
E.g. Financial Manager Position – John Snow

The introduction should be brief and straight to the point.
For example,
Earlier this month, I submitter my CV for financial manager position as advertised in the Brighter Monday website.

The body should emphasize on why you are best suitable for that position.

I have strong interest in working with this company, and I believe that my skills especially budget control and cost management which I acquired while working for abc company, would be an ultimate match for this position.

The closing part should be used to request the employer not to hesitate in case there is need for more information to be sent, and provide you with the opportunity to give your contact information to the employer.

I will be gland to send any additional information you might require regarding my candidacy. I can be reached at +254 123 456789 or through my email abc@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your Names

All the very best in your career advancement.

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