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Powerful Verbs Action to add to your CV

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While most people just write CV without any words considerations, choosing the right words will give more weight to your CV. Doing a thorough research is very important, especially because we are in the age of online job application where application go through ATS. This means you have to be very particular in words choice.

CV writing can be a tense process from deciding how much information to include to which key responsibilities and skills to highlight. CV writing expert, has surveyed over 100 employers to find out what they want to see on your resume. The finding, tells that those who have keywords such as I managed, I delivered, I improved, are more likely to get the job. Ninety two per cent of employers said that the word “managed” appealed to them the most as it shows a prospective employee who can handle responsibility. Meanwhile, sixty five per cent of employers said they’d like someone who can negotiate.

Below are verbs you should include on your CV:

Managed Conveys the message that you have control over your responsibilities and are able to drive results

Planned Planning is the backbone of success

Supported Showing that you can support others suggests that you can be relied upon

Delivered Shows the end product of your work by explaining what you have delivered

Improved If you’re an employee who can be brought on board to drive positive change within an organisation, you will be invaluable

Reduced Reducing company spending or resource use in particular is hugely beneficial

Influenced The ability to influence others is a necessary talent for getting things done in any industry

Presented Public speaking of any kind can be a daunting task but it’s a hugely valuable skill for any employee to have

Analysed Data is a vital currency in any organisation, but it’s worthless without staff who can analyse it and understand its implications

Trained Shows you have of expertise in your field along with the gravitas and communication skills to deliver training sessions

Negotiated People often assume that negotiation is purely a tool for sales staff; but actually it can be applied to many areas of business

Resolved Businesses face problems every day: if you can prove your ability to resolve issues, you will impress recruiters

Developed Development drives progress and advancements across all aspects of life

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