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Nurse Job Descriptions

Nurse Duties and Responsibilities

What do a Nurse do?

A registered nurse, or RN, often keeps records, educates patients, monitors patients, gives drugs, consults with medical professionals, and more. Usually, they are exempt from the master's degree prerequisite for nurse practitioners.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities of a Nurse

  • Maintaining accurate, complete health care records and reports.
  • Administering medications to patients and monitoring them for side effects and reactions.
  • Prescribing assistive medical devices and related treatments.
  • Recording patient vital signs and medical information.
  • Ordering medical diagnostic and clinical tests.
  • Monitoring, reporting, and recording symptoms or changes in patient conditions.
  • Administering non-intravenous medications.
  • Assessing, implementing, planning, or evaluating patient nursing care plans by working with healthcare team members.
  • Modifying patient health treatment plans as indicated by patient conditions and responses.
  • observe and assess patients
  • effect comprehensive nursing care plans for patients
  • administer treatments and medications
  • monitor and report symptoms and changes in patient status
  • collaborate with medical team on patient status
  • maintain complete and accurate patient records
  • prepare patients and assist with patient examinations and therapies
  • assist with diagnostic tests and interpret results
  • modify treatment plans where indicated
  • advise patients on health maintenance and preventative medicine
  • provide educational, emotional and psychological support to patients and family members
  • maintain a safe and clean working environment in compliance with healthcare procedures and regulations
  • adhere to infection-control protocols
  • follow medication administration and storage procedures and regulations
  • monitor and co-ordinate maintenance of equipment operation and inventory
  • check and maintain nursing supplies inventory
  • educate and instruct patients on home care needs

  • Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities of a Nurse

  • Ensures the timely and accurate completion of all patient care and medication management administration and documentation, including oral and intravenous medication.
  • Act in the best interest of patients while ensuring compliance with trust policies.
  • Conduct patient assessments, plan and supervise the safe and compassionate delivery of care, and carry out evaluations of the care's effectiveness when required.
  • Collaborate closely with multidisciplinary teams, promoting effective and empathetic communication with patients and relatives.
  • Provide high standards of patient care, focusing on specific care requirements for patients presenting with complex health problems.
  • Deliver advice to patients concerning diet and lifestyle commitments to complement the medication required for recovery.

  • Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities of a Senior nurse

  • Make informed decisions relating to care management, leading to hospital admission and the implementation of key clinical policies.
  • Provide ward leadership for health care assistants and junior staff to ensure the close monitoring of patients with suspected cardiac problems requiring the utilisation of telemetries (cardiac monitoring).
  • Prepare, monitor and manage patient treatment plans and discharge plans, and liase with ward teams including bed managers and discharge co-ordinators.
  • Provide a high standard of care to patients following surgical procedures.
  • Carry out wide-ranging wound care management which incorporate wounds requiring dry dressing, high exudating wounds requiring VAC therapy, skin grafts, stomas ad tracheotomy care.
  • Initiate and maintain liaison with district nursing teams to refer community patients requiring after care.
  • Registered Nurse Requirements

  • Diploma, Bachelor degree or master degree in nursing.
  • Pass the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX-RN.
  • Current state licensure as a registered nurse and BLS certification required.
  • American Heart Association BLS/CPR
  • ACLS certification
  • Ability to effectively communicate with patients, families, physicians and hospital staff.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Professional, friendly attitude.
  • Experience in home health care.
  • Experience in emergency room or intensive care.

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